Just Plain Inspirational


Akiane Kramarik

Akiane is a very special young lady. Not only is she blessed with an amazing talent but her life story and the source of her talent are even more amazing. Akianne is considered a child prodigy. She began sketching at the age of four and painting at the age of six. She claims the inspiration for her artwork comes from the Lord himself. Her works are both  intriguing and inspirational. I encourage you the visit the following web-sites to hear her story and view her artwork.




Dance Your Shoes Off

With over 300,000 views on YouTube this high-energy music vidio called “Dance Your Shoes Off” shows 2,000 members of the Second Baptist Church in Houston, TX dancing and worshipping to a song about Christ’s resurrection.



G.O.S.P.E.L. – Christian Inspiring Vidios

A simple vidio with a powerful & inspirational message. You have to check this one out!



The Seasons of Your Life

This inspirational and comforting vidio gives a solid perspactive on the trials and tribulations of life.



The Young Man and The Keys

This vidio shows us how important it is to stay close to those you love and also where to find the keys to life.



Jesus Painting

Watch an artist bring the face of Jesus to life in a very unique way.



The Miracles of God Vidio

Just a reminder that life is a miracle and God is always by your side.



Love Is The Key!!! Share It…

God is Love and love is the answer.



People Come Into Your Life For A Reason

A message about the people in your life, those who come and go and those that stay a lifetime.



Power of Faith

There is nothing more powerful than faith. If you have it, anything is possible.