Therese Newmann

Therese Newmann was born in 1898 and died in 1962. She became paralyzed in 1918 when she fell off a stool and after numerous subsequent falls she also went blind. Her sight was restored in 1923 on the day Therese of Lisieus was beatified. During the period of 1922 through 1962 Terese did not eat anything other than the Holy Eucharistic and from 1926 through 1962 she also did not drink anything and was not at all adversley affected. On March 5, 1926 (the first day of Lent) the first of a series of wounds appeared above her heart. She then had a vision of the ressurrection of Christ on that Easter Sunday. On the next few Fridays following Easter Sunday, she claimed to experience all the agonies that Christ experienced prior to and during his crusification. By November she displayed nine wounds on her head and body that neither healed nor became infected and were present at the time of her death.