Eucharistic Miracles

A Eucharistic Miracle is a supernatural event related to the sacred host.      


Lanciano, Italy – 700 AD

When a priest has his doubts about the actual presence of Christ after the consecration process, the Host transformed into real life flesh and blood. The flesh and blood have been analyzed extensively and the flesh was confirmed to be cardiac tissue and the blood AB type.      



Sienna, Italy – Aug 17, 1730

Scientists have been unable to explain how this consecrated Host has remained perfectly preserved for over 250 years.      



Amsterdam, Holland – 1345

Back in 1935 a consecrated host was thrown into a fire overnight and it did not burn, in fact it remained perfectly preserved or was not affected at all.      


Blanot, France – March 31, 1331

A Consecrated Host falls from a woman’s mouth and when the priest attempts to recover the Host all that remain is a pool of blood. 



Bolesna – Orvieta, Italy

 When a priest has his doubts about the real presence of Christ in the Host, blood begins to seep from it after Consecration. 



Betania, Venezuela – Dec 8, 1991 

During a mass celebrating The Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Father Otty Ossa Aristiza’bal, noticed that the after the Consecration of the Host that one piece began to spurt blood. He had both the Host and the blood analyzed and it was confirmed to be human tissue and blood.   


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