Inspirational Activities

Keeping a positive frame of mind and taking positive actions are key elements in the pursuit of happiness and maintaining a positive relationship with the Lord and others. The Bible says, “ “

Here are a few suggestions to help get you started;

1) Prayer – Nothing is more important or can more impact on your life than prayer. Talk to God on a daily basis and watch your life change for the better. Click on Prayer for some basic prayers but don’t stop with these simply talk to God in your own way and he will be listening.

2) Read The Bible – If you don’t already own one click on this link for a free on-line Bible.

3) Read Inspirational Stories – There is no better way to start your day or spend a few free moments than with a positive, inspirational message. In addition to the Bible, try reading stories from publications such as, Chicken Soup for the Soul, daily devotionals or any other source that touches your heart and soul.

4) Shift Your Focus – Instead of constantly thinking about your life and issues focus you attention on others and look for ways help them, you will be amazed how much this helps you.

5) Do Something For Others – Do a good deed or something selfless for another. Help a friend, neighbor or complete stranger.

6) Volunteer – Financially support or get involved in great charities like, Save the Children, St. Jude’s Hospital, Make a Wish, Christian Children’s Fund, or the thousands of other charities out there. Choose one that inspires you to take action. Become involved in your local church and support their activities.

7) Educational – Take a course, join a Bible study group, attend a retreat

8) Vacation – Take a spiritual vacation. Travel to holy places for inspiration.

9) Entertaining – Listen to inspirational music, watch an inspirational moves, read an inspirational book. See Entertaining Inspirations for some suggestions.

10) Physical – Take care of yourself so that you have the health and energy to stay active. Eat healthy, exercise, take vitamins and supplements, find ways to relax, – take a walk on the beach, meditate, do deep breathing exercise, whatever works for you.

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